Joe’s Grandma and Grandpa are visiting all the way from New York. They were only here a few hours when he decided this would be a good day to start teething. Yikes!

Poor thing has gone from a little fussy to all-out screaming all day, and the only thing that soothes him is gnawing on somebody’s knuckles. All this, after we’ve bragged for so long about what a calm and sweet baby he is.

We finally got him to sleep with the help of Hyland’s Teething Tablets, which my sister highly recommended. He hardly ate a thing all day though, so I’m expecting him to wake up hungry any second.

The books say it can be weeks between these first signs and when the tooth actually appears, so he might not wake up tomorrow with his first choppers.

Still. He’s growing up too fast!

3 thoughts on “Teething!”

  1. Aintnaincy says:
    Holy Cow! David got his first tooth at 8 months, Sarah at 7 months, and Becca at 6 months! I used to say, if I’d kept having babies, eventually they would be born with teeth! I thought Becca’s first tooth at 6 months was early. Kids just grow up too fast nowadays!

  2. I am so not looking forward to the teething times! I hope that little Joe starts eatting again, and feels better. Let me know how the tablets work out for you. I know that you are a smart woman, but the teething ring in the fridge doesn’t help?

  3. The teething ring is great as long as you’re holding it in his mouth. The tablets helped get him to sleep so we could gently take the ring out once he drifted off.

    He’s been fine every day since, except an hour or so of fussiness in the afternoons. We may not see a tooth until Thanksgiving or later, but it definitely seems that the process has begun!

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