The Glider Is Here!

It arrived yesterday. After Patrick set it up, Joe and I hopped in for a little story time.

It’s so comfy and looks really great in his room. This is where Joe will get his nighttime bottle and story from now on!

I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon knocking on doors for the Obama office in Petersburg. I haven’t done that since I was 17, working on the Clinton/Gore campaign. We went to 50+ houses and only met one crazy person. Even he was friendly for a crazy guy; he just wanted to make sure we had a heads up on the race war that will ensue if Obama is elected and assassinated. OK, thanks dude!

Today Patrick and Joe are heading out to a car show while I finish up some work here at home. It’s HOT today, so I don’t even think we’ll do our usual Sunday-paper-on-the-porch thing. I’m so ready for fall …