It's Been a While!

Sorry to keep you in suspense! I’ve just started getting back to work and that has had me a bit distracted.

All is well here. Joe is getting bigger and sweeter every day. He’s getting a lot more vocal lately. After every feeding he likes to practice his sounds. It always sounds like he’s got something really important to say but it’s just not coming out right.

He’s also discovered a love for the pacifier. We resisted offering him one because he was working so hard on finding his thumb and we really didn’t want to interfere with that. (You don’t have to dig under the car seat for a thumb, or rinse it off because it fell on the floor, or get up at 3 a.m. to put it back in his mouth!)

Anyway, because we don’t want him to get hooked (and because it hides his lovely face!) we only give him the pacifier for a few minutes each day. But it’s so cute when he has it; his little eyelids go all half-closed with bliss, and he rubs his chest with his hands like, “Ahh, life does not get better than this.” I’ll have to get a picture of that so you can see.

Oh, and he’s three months old today! We’ll snap another Ted Ted picture later today to see how much he’s grown.