Almost Two Months …

My mother has always said that my dad has a third-grade sense of humor. After seeing this outfit he got for Joe, you may be inclined to agree:

(That look on his face really completes it, no?)

Last weekend we went to USA Baby and ordered a nice cushy glider for Joe’s room. The wooden rocker that’s in there now is lovely to look at but not very comfortable for story time or snuggling. So in 4-6 weeks, we’ll have this chair (in a solid blue):

This weekend we’re going to visit Patrick’s former workplace (and the site of our wedding reception), the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. They’re having the annual Airborne Day with freefall demonstrations, the 82nd Airborne Band and all kinds of fun stuff. We’ll let Joe soak it all in, and remind him that pretty much every man on both sides of his family has been Airborne. No pressure!

Next week is his two-month checkup at the doctor’s office, and you know what that means: shots. I bet we’ll both be leaving there in tears.