Almost 6 weeks old …

Joe is getting so big and so grown-up! He’s starting to really smile now, though only occasionally, and he talks to himself throughout the day. (Mostly “Ahooo” and “Gmmmm.”)

Yesterday we went to a picnic hosted by the Richmond Mommies, a local group that has been a big help to me as I learn this whole parenthood thing. Joe wore what we’ve come to call his Cuba outfit — doesn’t he look like he just needs a cigar and a mojito to complete the look?

His new favorite thing at nap time is to listen to the waterfall soother my “Aint Naincy” sent him. It plays rainforest sound effects and a nice little lullabye. I’m tempted to keep it on my nightstand, but I can’t take it away from him.

I’m eager for him to start smiling more regularly so I can get lots of gummy grin photos. Stay tuned!