Joe's First Road Trip!

Yesterday the three of us drove up to Manassas to pick up Patrick’s new car (new to us, anyway). It’s a cute little white Scion xA! (With a Russian flag on the back, courtesy of the previous owners. I’m sure that’s soon to be replaced with a Geneseo sticker.)

Anyway, we were worried that 5+ hours on the road would be a problem for Joe. He loves being in the car, but if he slept the whole way we’d surely be in for trouble at night when he was supposed to be sleeping.

But he traveled like a champ! He slept the whole way there, then woke up but stayed calm long enough for us to wolf down a Panera dinner, and then was calm and alert the whole way home. What a good boy!

He still sleeps like nobody’s business (5-6 hours on the first night home — I was afraid to check on him after all that quiet!), but getting there has gotten to be more of a struggle. We’re trying to establish a routine — bathtime, jammies, etc. — to let him wind down, but sometimes he just wants to be up until 11:30. And sometimes he wants to spend that time screaming for no apparent reason. Patrick has started driving him around at night when he can’t settle down. By exit 61, he’s usually out. I hope we don’t have to do that until he’s in high school.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Fayetteville for the Fourth of July. We’ve skipped the Fort Bragg festivities for the past few years, what with all the little ones in the family now. (Those cannons are probably the reason I can’t hear a thing now. What?) So, until they’re all old enough to appreciate field artillery, we’ll just spend the Fourth relaxing at my folks’ house. Joe hasn’t even met his uncle or cousins yet, and my dad hasn’t seen him since he was just a few hours old. He’s already so different!