Maybe He Didn't Get the Memo

Today was Joe’s due date, but he is apparently not as deadline-oriented as his mama. Hmph!

Our bags are packed, we’ve got a muffin basket for the nurses, and everything Joe needs to come home and settle in is in his room. Nothing to do now but wait.

We have an appointment on Wednesday to see him on ultrasound again and then visit with the doctor. Maybe he’ll be here before then?

We’ll keep you posted!

One thought on “Maybe He Didn't Get the Memo”

  1. Lia, I feel your pain!! David’s arrival was a week late, Sarah was only on time because I took castor oil when I got home from work on Fri Sept 27, 1985, and Becca was the only one to have the decency to arrive “early” (Aug 22 instead of Sept 1). Those last few weeks are torture! I guess Mother Nature is preparing us to endure the labor and delivery! May your remaining days of pregnancy be SHORT and I am thinking of you every day! Love, Aintnaincy

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