Weekend at Home

We are now one week away from Joe’s due date, but he’s showing no signs of coming any time soon. He’s very wiggly, despite running out of wiggle room, but seems quite content where he is.

I, on the other hand, have developed severe belly itch and a mysterious rash on my fingers. Also, my snoring has reached the point where Patrick now quietly excuses himself to sleep in the guest room. (I mean Joe’s room!)

Saturday morning we went to Ft. Lee for Armed Forces Day, where Patrick had signed up to run a 5K. (It turned out to be more like a 6.5K, which they realized when everyone was disappointed in their time. Whoops!)

That’s him in the red shorts.

After a few errands, Patrick went out car shopping so that he can finally get rid of the truck. (No luck yet, but he seems to be enjoying the research!) I puttered around in the garden, snipping some roses to bring in and re-potting a few houseplants.

I have done nothing but ignore all my roses for the past year, but they haven’t held a grudge — these are just four out of about a dozen blooms on one bush!

Then I made deviled eggs!

Patrick went on a picture-hanging spree, getting the last few things put up on Joe’s wall, as well as this shadowbox his dad gave us a while back:

Those little figurines are Wades, which for years were distributed in boxes of Red Rose tea. Patrick’s dad gave us a whole collection of them. There’s everything from a horse to a lemur in there. (And a camel, of course!)

Today I accomplished very little, while Patrick:

  • fixed a leaky sink
  • installed the baby seat in my car
  • looked at some more used cars
  • mowed the lawn

I better hurry up and have this kid so I can feel like a contributing member of the household again!