Joe's Room

I got a burst of energy this morning and cleaned up Joe’s crib. I even washed his little sheets and got the whole thing all ready for him. Looky:

His changing table is all set for use (instead of piled up with stuff I wasn’t sure what to do with), and his light-up globe and moon have fresh new batteries. All we need now is to put down a rug, hang some stuff on the walls and wait.

Oh, and I should pack my bag for the hospital too.

3 thoughts on “Joe's Room”

  1. Well sure! We were looking at room-sized rugs earlier today but DANG they’re expensive.

    The flokati might be just the thing for under that chair until we decide whether to cover the whole floor. (Plus we can get a photo of his little nekkid self on it — hee!)

  2. I love the colors! If I ever have a child, again, I am so stealing your colors!

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