34 Weeks …

Joe and I had another appointment this morning. His heartbeat was nice and strong, and he’s measuring at about the right size. (Or at least my belly is … they just sort of drag this tape measure across it and nod …)

Our next appointment is April 28 — for another ultrasound! We haven’t laid eyes on him since he was at 20 weeks, the day we found out he was a boy. It’s a bit more crowded in there now, so I’m not sure how much of him we’ll be able to see. But we will find out for sure what position he’s in and get an estimate of his weight. Place your bets!

Not much else to report, except that I think I’ve entered the “OK, this isn’t that much fun anymore” phase of pregnancy. My feet and legs are swollen to grotesque proportions and sleeping has become a challenge. This must be nature’s way of making you really look forward to the baby; just last week I was saying that I would miss being pregnant. Hah!

Joe is very active, wiggling and squirming all over the place. A few weeks ago, I snuggled up against Patrick’s back after his alarm went off — and Joe kicked him! He’s already got a sense of humor, the sweet thing.

Time to get to work. But first, enjoy this headline from today’s Fayetteville Observer:

Girl walks into side of pickup truck on Cliffdale Road

I mean really.