Joe's Room

I took a couple of snapshots of Joe’s room as it looks now. We still have to find new sheets for the bed (which looks like it will fit in there!), plus shelves and artwork for the walls, but here’s what we’ve got so far:

The changing station/dresser: This is chock-full of clothes, all washed and ready for him. I need to get some shelves and a basket or two to organize all the doo-dads, but you get the idea.

The nursing corner. We’re going to get a rug to go under here — the floor boards are uneven and it makes for a bumpy ride when you rock.

The crib! I wanted to dress it up in all the sheets and bumpers right away, but Patrick made a very good point that we should wait until Joe’s almost here so it’s fresh. In the meantime, it’s holding all the stuff we haven’t hung up or put away yet.

Inside the armoire. Look at all those blankets!