Baby Classes!

We are all signed up for our “Confident Childbirth” classes at Bon Secours, starting on Feb. 15. I’m so excited to tour the hospital, watch the video, do the breathing exercises … all of it. Patrick will try to make me laugh during the parts where we’re supposed to pay attention, but I won’t be distracted!

I’ve also scheduled my first prenatal yoga class for Jan. 15. There will be eight classes in all — one per week. I hope it will help me relax and ease my already-aching back. I also hope I’m not the only new girl in that first class; if everyone is doing handstands and splits while I’m struggling to stand on one foot, I will not be happy.

(Pffttt … I can do that.)

In the meantime, this Tuesday is our big day to find out if Champ is a boy or girl. If it’s a girl, we’ve got a pretty good idea what her name will be. If it’s a boy, we have some ideas but still have some thinking to do. I’m just looking forward to calling the little one by name instead of always saying “he or she” or even “it.”

I wonder if Patrick will still call the baby Champ as he/she grows up?