Pop pop pop!

Joe’s been working on saying words like “pop” and “ball.” He seems to know what they mean, and that they’re fun, because he gets excited when he hears them.

But his little mouth doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. (For example, he struggles very hard to say “papa” to his grandfather, but it always comes out “op-op,” if it comes out at all.)

Then yesterday, in speech therapy, he did a great job of signing “more” (putting fingers of two hands together) and saying “pop pop pop” to keep the bubbles coming.

Love that little voice!

Iron Joe

Joe is not impressed by Iron Mike or a threatening North Carolina sky.
Iron Joe

While in Fayetteville for the holiday, Joe and I stopped by the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. I was working here when I met Lia’s mom and first saw Lia, and where Lia and I later had our wedding reception.

Joe walked the whole thing, no easy task. Here he is with a load of 173rd guys hitting the ground in Vietnam. Go Herd!
ASOM, Fayetteville

Joe’s grandpa (right) also hit the ground with the 173rd in Vietnam. He didn’t do it as cute.
Tremblay 173rd

The next day we all went to the Fascinate U children’s museum, where Joe knocked over some other kid’s block tower (mine).
Fascinate U, Fayetteville

Say goodbye Joe…
Fascinate U, Fayetteville