Man, I'm on a Roll!

What is this, like four posts in a day?

I’ve been neglecting the blog because of a pile of freelance work I had to get through. I have a new client called Lifewire, which is a subsidiary of the New York Times Company. They provide consumer health care content to a variety of sites, and I’ve been writing some of that content. It’s fairly easy, but time-consuming — I have to track down journal articles for clinical evidence on everything from green tea to triglycerides, and translate it from doctor-speak to plain English. So far, so good. I got paid for my first four articles this week (and the deposit showed up as being from the New York Times, thank you very much).

Earlier this week, my office threw a lovely shower for me and Joe. We got a play tray for his little Bumbo seat, a set of sweet little onesies and the highchair of our dreams (which Patrick put together immediately after getting it in the house). They are a great group of people and I’ll miss them when I leave next week.

On an unrelated note, I don’t think I’ll be wearing that top again — I look like a tick about to pop!

I went to see Baby Mama last night with a group of women from the Richmond Mommies club. Tina Fey is one of my personal heroes, and Amy Poehler is one of the funniest women alive. Throw in some Steve Martin and you have yourself a hit. I laughed until my big belly hurt!

This weekend there’s still more writing to do, plus some more tidying of Joe’s room. (I had it all cleaned up a few weeks ago, but the gifts keep coming and I have just tossed them all in his crib. I’m waiting for the nesting instinct to kick in a little more energy so I can clean up again!)

Don’t forget to check in with Joe’s blog — his dad has done a couple of updates leading up to the big reveal (whenever that happens).


Quote of the Day

“People are not willing to modify their lifestyle in order to live on what they earn — that is the real problem.”

  • Larry Winget, author of You’re Broke Because You Want To Be

Family Resemblance?

I’ve been hoping Joe would look just like his dad, but Patrick says he sees me in Joe’s profile. I happen to look a lot like my dad, so Patrick put this little image together for comparison. What do you think?